How to Get my Credit Score?

Looking to get your Australia credit score? You’re at the right place.

There are three credit reporting agencies in Australia. Depending on which score you’re after, they could be very different.

You can always request your credit report for free from those agencies every now and then, but some tools make tracking your credit score a piece of cake.

What’s the difference between getting and tracking credit score?

  • With Credit Score Tracking, you’ll see the HISTORY of the credit score.
  • With Credit Score Tracking, you’ll see the CHANGE in credit report.
  • With Credit Score Tracking, you’ll get an Email Update when credit score changes.

Let’s dive right in!


From experience, Experian is the most popular with consumer credit reporting. All my credit enquiries gets listed very shortly after application.

Personally, I get my Experian Credit Score from Finder. In addition to showing you your current Credit Score, Finder helps you keep track of your historical credit score. Finder even sends you an email whenever your credit score is updated.

Equifax – Previously Veda

Equifax is another popular consumer credit reporting agency. I find them much harder to deal with compare to Experian. Probably because they profit largely from paid correction to your credit report.

Personally, I use GetCreditScore to keep track on my Equifax credit file. It’s important to note that, Equifax does not produce credit score itself, GetCreditScore gives you an estimate only.

illion – Previously Dun & Bradstreet

illion has Australia’s richest database of commercial and consumer information. But they are pretty slow in updating them.

Personally, I use CreditSimple to track illion Credit Score.

CreditSimple illion Credit Score

What’s the difference?

In most cases, you’ll find your credit score pretty consistent across agencies.

However, if you have a habit of churning through credit cards, you might find different banks/lenders report to different agencies, and you might wish to span it out.

For example, Equifax and Equifax are very fast to update the new credit enquiry on report, while illion takes few months to reflect.

Which Credit Score should I care about?

The short answer, any of above! With those tools up your sleeve, it’s easy enough to track all three credit scores.

If you have to choose one, go with Experian Credit Score using Finder. Its credit report is frequently updated, and comprehensive.

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