Free $5 for coffee & lunch! Grab it now!

Forget about the long line before the morning coffee, or lunch!

Hey You is an awesome order-ahead app! Makes coffee and lunch so much quicker!

Hey You is running sign up & new users promotion, and by registering an account and redeeming various code, you can earn $5 ~ $25 for Coffee and Lunch!

3 minutes for a quick $5~$25 Coffee or Lunch! Grab it Now!

How to get Free Money:

Step 1 : Download Hey You app, 1 minute

Step 2: Register an Account, 1 minutes

  • You’ll need to select a username, password.

Step 3: Redeem your Bonus, 1 minutes

  • Click on ‘Menu‘ tab on bottom right, then ‘Redeem Code
  • Here is a list of promo codes for Hey You app. Try and add All of them.

That’s it! You should have seen the $5~$25 in your account already!

If you have any question, leave your comments below.

Enjoy the Free Coffee and Free Lunch!

Past Promotions

While those codes are from 2018, it’s still worth trying!

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  • jacktator
    Posted 13/01/2019 4:54 PM 0Likes

    Hey guys, while some codes might have expired, it still worth the 2 seconds trying.
    If you find any expired code, please let me know.

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